Mr Mingbo Zhang - Student Seminar Presentation - June 26 2015

C5MPT Student Seminars

Mr. Mingbo Zhang

University of Alberta,

Chemical and Materials Engineering

June 26, 2015 | ETLC E2-001

1:00 PM






Flotation of PYRITE IN HIGH salinITY water


The shortage of freshwater has been a major challenge for mineral flotation in arid areas. When using high salinity water, certain electrolytes are detrimental to flotation while others can improve the flotability of minerals. In this study, the flotation behaviors and contact angles of pyrite in both Milli-Q water and high salinity water were investigated using different collectors at various pH levels. Results show that the thionocarbamate has a less affinity to pyrite in different solutions under mildly alkaline conditions as compared with potassium amyl xanthate (PAX) and N-isopropoxypropyl-N’-ethoxycarbonyl thiourea (iPOPECTU). At high pH levels, the slime coating on pyrite surfaces, which is caused by colloidal precipitates of magnesium and calcium ions in seawater, was confirmed by SEM, EDX and in-situ zeta potential measurement. The slime coating of colloidal precipitates on mineral surfaces led to low recovery of pyrite at high pH levels. The study of flotation behavior of pyrite in high salinity water improves our fundamental understanding of mineral flotation in seawater.