Hossein Akbarzadeh - Student Seminar Presentation - March 29, 2016

Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering Conference Room 8-207

Tuesday, March 29, 2016      10:30 am

Presenter: Hossein Akbarzadeh, PhD Candidate

Supervisor: Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk

HT/HP Geomechanics for Underground Coal Gasification; From Experimental Studies to Coupled Simulations


Underground coal gasification (UCG) has the potential to be a clean and promising energy provider from Alberta vast coal resources with minimal greenhouse gas emission. The UCG represents a complex process. It may develop temperature in the order of 1000 oC underground, turn the initial solid coal to char and ash and create cavities as well as develop cracks and mechanical failure in the coal seam and rock layers. Hence, the UCG represents a coupled thermal-hydro-chemical-mechanical process.

This talk comprises of two parts; experimental and simulation studies of the UCG. An overview of thermo-mechanical properties of different rank coals at elevated temperature is provided which is followed by discussing High-Pressure High-Temperature geomechanical experiments of Alberta coal tested in this research program.

The simulation part presents a developed sequentially coupled gasification-geomechanical modeling workflow and its application to the Alberta UCG demonstration test. In the current study, the gasification modeling was done for a 60-day period utilizing the Controlled Retraction Injection Point (CRIP) operational method and produced syngas compositions which closely matched the field measurements. Simultaneously, deformations, stresses, and mechanical failure in the strata were observed as the gasification front advanced and the tear-drop shape cavities grew in dimensions.



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